All American Cowgirl Chicks Engaging in Tricky Business


The Death Drag. Under the Neck. Hippodrome Stand. No, those aren’t yoga poses. They are just a few of the tricks executed by Trish Lynn and the All American Cowgirl Chicks.

Cowgirl Chicks Featured in Parker County Today

Though she grew up loving to sing and dance, Lynn also grew up around horses, and has always considered herself a true cowgirl. She was born and raised in the Fort Worth area, but moved to Weatherford when the urban sprawl threatened to turn her into a city girl, even if just geographically. She pursued her childhood dream of becoming an entertainer and by the age of 18 had recorded her first album and had four hit singles. The music business,however, proved to be tougher than she had anticipated. But, she always had her ranch and her horses in Weatherford to come back to. While her music career was on the backburner, Lynn focused on her passion for riding.

“I never lost that love for horses,” Lynn said. “I just think they’re awesome animals. I think it’s a wonderful way of life to live. I think it’s a healthy way of life to live.”
As a long-time horsewoman, Lynn had long admired the Catalena Cowgirls, a rodeo drill team out of Bryan/College Station. She decided that she would like to put together a rodeo drill team of her own, and so she did.But, ever the entertainer, she wasn’t content to delight her audience with precision horse drills. She wanted to wow them, and trick riding was just the thing.


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