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I have always dreamed of being a cowgirl. I know that it takes confidence and faith in myself and in my horse. Being a Cowgirl Chick has inspired me to go to college and pursue a degree in Equine Science. I've also learned that being a Chick is about keeping our horses and ourselves conditioned, improving our riding skills, being part of a team, traveling all over the Southwest, and meeting great people. But even more, we ride for cancer awareness - something that touches all our lives.

When I perform, I usually carry the POW/MIA flag out of respect for my great uncle who was captured in northern Africa and held as a POW during WWII. I know he is proud that I carry this flag. Also, I always want to bring awareness of all POW/MIA's and their families for what they have endured for the freedom of our country. I am proud of our purpose and who we are!

"Don't be a weenie! It's a number one no-no!" - Trish Lynn












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