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Finding the Cowgirl Chicks was one of those divinely inspired events you often hear about. I had been living and working in Texas for a year when I heard about the team. At the time, I was homesick and missing my family. So I decided to look for a team to ride with in my spare time. A friend told me about the Cowgirl Chicks. I went to watch one of the team's practices and discovered that these girls not only loved riding horses, but they did so much more -- raising money and awareness for cancer patients, visiting sick children in hospitals, and promoting patriotism for our country. After practicing one time with these amazing cowgirls - I was hooked. Never looked back!

Being a Cowgirl Chick has taught me many lessons. One of them is teamwork. The team doesn't work unless everyone is on the same page. Sometimes this means having to accept constructive criticism - for the greater good. It's the only way I can improve and, as a team, we can all improve.

When we travel, I am constantly amazed at the impact we have on our audience. We have people of all ages tell us that we are their role models. Never thought of myself in that way! But it gives me a stronger desire to work hard and live the "cowgirl way!"




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