This Equestrian Drill Team has come together to ride for those in need. "Riding for the Cure for Cancer" - The girls have rode in many parades in honor of special people diagnosed with cancer, including Ty Washburn (pictured below) and Pearce Schreck.

This group of young girls have come together to ride their horses for special people who have been stricken with cancer. Their rides have been dedicated to Ty Washburn, Pearson Shreck, and Sharon Barton.

The Cowgirl Chicks visit Mr. and Mrs. Schreck and son, Pearce. Two-year-old Pearce is diagnosed with leukimia, and the chicks will be riding for him in many rodeos this year.

Dawn Sanderlin, above, a cancer survivor, experiences a ride with the Chicks! The Chicks escorted Dawn at the Cowboy Sports Arena while the crowd gave Dawn a standing ovation.

Katherine, Trish and Gabby Reyes, a 7-year-old cancer survivor.




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