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Eleven years ago, Trish Lynn Carter had a dream to unite a group of girls that would entertain audiences by riding speeding horses. She envisaged red, white and blue costumes to represent their patriotism. Their horses had to be fast, yet safe. Each member would have to be willing to pitch in and help, whether performing, traveling and entertaining, without having to ask them.

Today, the All American Cowgirl Chicks consist of sixteen young women who must try out for a spot. Trish looks for the ones who have a special ability with horses, but she also looks for someone who is willing to be a team player. In addition, her horse has to fit in with the rest of the horses on the team. The outcome is a team of young women who are personable, positive and enthusiastic about their work. And, here’s the ‘kicker’… They don’t get paid!!!!!!! The profits of their performances go to help folks with special needs after a cancer diagnosis... Don’t miss the rest of this fascinating story in the July/August issue of I.M. Cowgirl The photos alone will amaze you.

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