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Q&A with Trish Lynn - Featured in Fort Worth Magazine

1. Where were you actually born and raised? I was born and raised in the Mid Cities area just outside of Fort Worth. My father was in the beginning stages of his real estate career and we moved a lot. My Dad and Mom moved to Texas from Washington, Indiana, after marrying to be close to my Aunt and Uncle 9 (who were a huge influence and inspiration to my parents) and raise a family here. After being laid off from Bell Helicopter with 3 kids and a wife my Dad started in the real estate business by buy’in “fixer uppers” houses and then turning around and selling them. We stayed in the Mid Cities area but moved around a lot. A lot of people discouraged my Dad and told him that he would never survive in the real estate business but being a little hard headed, working 24/7, and not taking no for an answer ….I witnessed from a very early age what the term “Never Quit” was all about.

2. At what age did you start singing and performing? I was interested in the entertainment/performance world from very early on but started taking it serious at about 16 years of age. I was raised on Country Music and always remembered and memorized all the lyrics to the Top Country Music Countdown every week…I just loved everything and anything about music and the artists who were singing it. I bought every Tanya Tucker, Charly McClain, Reba McIntire, The Judds, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Southern Pacific, Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson, etc……..I had a huge collection of every type of record you could think of. (Paula Abdul and Michael Jackson were artists that I admired for their creativity in their dance performances.) I always absorbed myself into all music. I found myself choregraphing dances or moves for performing. Being involved in dance and cheerleading at a competition level gave me the coordination, balance, and confidence to perform at a professional level….It was just always something I craved to create different and sharp moves to fun and edgy music that a audience would pay attention too. It was always very natural for me to lose many hours of time and find the day lost trying to create a high energy performance for a audience. I guess it was the only thing that I was kinda good at and it came very natural without me having to think to hard about it. I was hired out for many dance studios and high school cheerleading teams in my area to create winning routines for competing for National competitions and recital performances…. And I was very grateful for the work. My desire was to be the best performer I could be or bring the best out in someone else who did’nt think they could. I could sit and listen to a song…turn it up til I drown everything else out and vision the potential of a great performance, dance move, or a new horse maneuver in the arena. It’s all about doing something over and over til your sick about thinking about it or until your good at it…..I just wanted to be good at it. My Dad started hauling me around to the local opry’s and shows where I would sing Tanya Tucker and Loretta Lynn favorites for the audience. I grew up with the love of a dance and music background and always was fascinated with horses. My parents bought my first (2) horses off the side of the highway in Cleburne, Texas from a old horse trader when I was about 16. We thought we hit the big time! We didn’t have a trailer to haul them home in so my Dad used 2X4’s and corralled his open flat bed trailer to bring them home. I remember my mom hanging out the back window of our Bronco holding on to the lead ropes while Dad drove us through the Fort Worth traffic trying to get these horses back to the house. Having horses in my life ever since has given me a appreciation of what God created for us and the life of a Cowgirl and the road to heaven. Being a cowgirl is not something you just decide to do….you are born with it….. your committed, the love of the way of life, the horses, the cattle, the land, the music. I know with all my heart who I am and why I love this life. As many knocks as I have had in this business and in my personal life…I keep getting up and passionately love my purpose in life and the beauty that my horses bring,…not just to me…but to my audience and try to be the best person I can be. I think horses are beautiful, intelligent, and trusting animals that can bring a person peace of mind. Especially to someone that has had a deep hurt in their life and wants to keep trusting in this hard life and demanding society we live in. I always appreciate honesty-especially in a world and industry where that doesn’t seem to matter anymore. I’ve seen a lot of people use people, my own family, for their own self-satisfaction….it’s a horrible feeling to trust someone that you care about and find out later that you were lied to or used for that persons self gain. It’s all about being focused, committed, and being grounded. I’m not really competitive…I’m passionate and private…and I have a strong opinion about certain things in life. At first, I might be hard to get to know. I think sometimes people assume I’m going to trust them with open arms….unfortunately I’ve been burned a few times so it’s something you are not going to see unless you spend time with me after awhile. I’ve let the world in so many times and have been left with a hole in my chest. But it will never make me quit trying in what I believe in. I always try to have a vision of the outcome. I can look at something not with great potential and try to create and turn it into something that know one really thought that could make it. I love that! I’m a very hands on person . I like to be involved in every aspect of my performance or my teams performance….the big picture to the tiny details. I guess my definition of a cowgirl is a woman who is tough, hard working, and maybe even a little stubborn.

3. It sounds like you had a couple of tough breaks…. I have devoted the last 20 years to my music as well as being a mom first. When I started out my dad would drive me out to try-outs or auditions for the local and out of town oprys in hopes that someone would let me be apart of their show. Landing a regular on a couple of opry shows every week-end I took a step further and put together my own band singing in the local bars in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. I started visiting Nashville regularly recording and attending the dj seminars and new faces shows back in 1989 where I met Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt, George Strait, Linda Davis, Marie Osmond, etc…hoping to land a record deal that would take my career to a new level. After many years on the road, 2 albums completed and released, songs charted on the top 100 Billboard Charts with the success of radio airplay from around the country……things were looking good and promising and my record label folded leaving us on the shelf. I gathered new band members and hit the road again by consistently rotating with Ty Herndon, opening for Mark Chestnutt, The Bellamy Brothers, Neil McCoy, and others…we felt so good about our music we were playing and the band that we had. We were all so close and passionate about what we were doing…we were like a family. It was the best band that I had ever had with players…Keech Rainwater (Lonestar’s Drummer now) Sonny Morris, Chris Cockburn, Steve Purcey, and Erlon Oliveria…all local guys from Dallas. We were getting great radio airplay, touring all Texas bars, and fair venues….to be broken apart by another let down of another recode label folding leaving us with nothing and no jobs. If I ever would of made it…this would have been the band I felt like I had a real chance with…..we were so close and worked so hard together….we just clicked. Again a lot of hours, time and money invested, and all the promises- we came up empty handed. I saw and heard so many promoters and record producers slap my father on the back and say “we are going to take Trish here and great things are going to happen” to listening to heart breaking words behind my dads back that “Shell never be good enough…and she’ll never make it” That’s when adversity kicked in…..still with the hopes that someday someone would believe in me and my music and give me a chance. I remember I would sit and would wait by the phone and mailbox day after day-after meeting with record label agents, producers, promoters, Nashville, etc.., they all sent form of letters saying “you’re a great gal but we are not signing new artists at this time….best of luck to you.” This was the hardest period of time in my life for me…..I just kept getting no’s. I was waiting for that letter or someone to say that I was good enough……the call or letter never came. I felt like I just kept getting the floor jerk-ed out from underneath me and I was constantly having to start over. My trust was running thin. I look back at it all now and feel I grateful I am for the opportunity to make me keep fighting and the opportunity to keep working with some of the greatest musicians and artists alive. I had some great experiences come out of it….I just did’nt realize it at the time. Doing studio and record projects gave me the opportunity to starting writing my own music and work with guys like Patrick McGuire, Andy Timmons, Dan “Wojo”, Milo Deering, Rocky Gribble, Barry McDaniel, George Anderson, Bart Elliot, Kevin Bailey, Chet McCracken, John McFee, Billy English, Tommy Dorsey, DJ Ron, Benny Quinn and others that are highly respected musicians in the business. I will be forever grateful for that.

4. What age did you start riding? I started riding when I was about 12…….

5. What inspired you to form the All American Cowgirl Chicks? After my last record deal folded, Nashville rejected my for the hundredth time, and my band and I had to split up I came home disheartened but thought to myself well when one door closes another opens up. I was really trying to see the positive that was going to come out of this but was having a hard time holding my chin up and convincing my heart to keep going. My parents are solid as a rock and are the backbone of who I am today. After all of this they gave me no sympathy and encouraged me to go after my dreams again and not to fell sorry for myself. My Dad knew what was ingraved in my heart which was determination, and my Mom kept encouraging me to show the world what I had to offer. (Thank God for my solid ground) It seemed no matter what direction I was headed I could always count on them to say Go For It! Mom is one of are you going to talk the talk or walk the walk…..they were my strength and backbone who have made me a better person today. This was a new direction for me to face…in the rodeo arena instead of the bars. The entertainer and performer in me will never die. I guess I had my last punch that I could take for awhile and looked at my love for horses, rodeo, music, and a bunch of dedicated girls and said, “Why Not?” The business is rough but I wanted the rodeo industry to see that when they get the Cowgirl Chicks they are getting the real deal- “a fighter.” I had many try to discourage me and make me want to quit….and I’m just not a quitter. 10 years ago I got with a group of girls with the determination and dream that they would perform in some rodeo’s as a performance team one day. It started off with a few parades and a lot of practicing…..we didn’t have the horses that were push button…we had to take what we had and turn them into something we could control in the arena. After a lot of hard work and pushing up my sleeves….. through rain/ cold temperatures and hot temperatures I finally had them doing a routine that looked ok. Still with a lot of wrinkles to iron out we practiced til we got the nerve to start promoting it to stock contractors and producers in hope for a rodeo performance. Shortly after a year…our horse farrier’s son was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in the jaw at the age of 6 years old. This thought devastated us and we wanted to help this young boy and his family deal with this horrible situation. With only our horses and our team to offer…we begged stock contractors to let us perform at their rodeo’s in order to receive a donation for this family to help with medical bills, etc… to give them hope that they could get through this and with strong faith and prayers their son would recover from this cancer. We kept throwing it out there and the prayers kept coming and I’m happy to say that this courageous young man and his family have been in remission for over 8 years now. We had the desire and commitment to do the best job we could every time we stepped into the arena…..this led to a chain of people in need as well as for the armed forces and military who have been fighting for us to live in such a beautiful country. Their was no question why we picked the red, white, and blue, to be our color of clothing….carrying these flags are the greatest honor a cowgirl could ever have.

6. When did you form them? I formed the group back in 1998 with a group of deep hearted cowgirls who wanted to perform so bad at a Rodeo that they would practice as many times as 3 times a week together whether the weather was bad, a prom/homecoming to go too, etc. They were just committed to make it work. Pulling the “so-so” horses out of the pasture and a lot of riding in the saddle we just did’nt take no for an answer. It was a challenge….but seeing their hearts in full motion gave me the determination and vision to move forward and to do what it took to make it in this business. I did not want to let them down for I knew from experience what it felt like to be rejected or to be discouraged on your dreams from other people…..i never wanted them to feel that way or I never wanted them to know that I almost gave up at one time. I wanted these girls to believe in themselves and their horses when others thought they’d never make it or have a chance at it. That was my drive.

7. How did you find the other members? The interest of girls are overwhelming…..but the dedication and commitment seem to weed out a few. The members came to me by interest of seeing what we were doing in the arena. They were incredible….their desire, determination, and discipline, made them successful. The best description and definition of these cowgirls are a ‘true champion.” I’ve learned that a champion doesn’t always have to win medals. Everybody loves winning…and wants the medals…and sometimes they confuse that with being a champion. A champion is self-disciplined and has a good work ethic, works hard everyday and doesn’t give up on their goals. They walk away learning something from their sport. That means a lot more to someone than winning medals. Some of the hardest working girls aren’t the most talented. Going that extra mile even when you don’t want to has helped the Cowgirl Chicks become who they are today. Hub Baker of Fort Worth Stockyards Championship Rodeo renamed the Cowgirl Chicks… the ‘All American Cowgirl Chicks” for their patriotism, heart, horsemanship, and dedication. They have been called that ever since. Ray Lancaster of Lancaster-Pickett Pro Rodeo Company calls this team of cowgirls “The All American Dream Team” It is quite an honor to be recognized for what you stand for in believe in.

8. Describe your groups performances. The Cowgirl Chicks performance is a incredible up lifting experience every time we enter the arena. The pounding of the horses hooves of one of the finest’s and truest athletes (our horses) run through the arena through a incredible gear of a high speed routine or dragging from death defying tricks on horseback. Shooting pyro, jumping through a blocked papered horse-shoe, flying through a galvanized star shooting a 20’ flame in the air---these cowgirls have to be ready for the unknown of nature and ready to ride their best for the audience. When you go to a rodeo you are given the vision of a true athlete….whether it’s a cowboy, cowgirl, a beautiful horse, or a incredible tough bull with a “A” in attitude. Not only does their commitment blow me away but the love and passion they have of the cowboy way of life. I feel like I have finally made it in this world that I will forever call home. Traveling with these tough cowboys and cowgirls every week-end gave me the determination to succeed in one of America’s toughest sports….the Rodeo World. We are regular people who work hard during the week….and use our week-ends to put together the best team for some great –uplifting family entertainment. Giving people something to look forward to in this world---and hopes to ease their mind from a stressful/ ugly word called cancer.

9. Why do this to raise money? We felt like if we could make a difference in peoples lives and give others hope through what we are doing…organizations hand in hand could help us make a difference. We knew we could not do it alone and that we were going to need some help. There are so many out there in need….regardless if it’s a cancer battle or just someone out there that needs to hear that they can turn to someone when they need it and being there when they do turn for you is the important thing.

10. Why did you choose to support children diagnosed with cancer? Because of our farrier’s son’s cancer. It gave us the encouragement we needed to throw out there what we had been working on for a year and having the opportunity to help a wonderful family in need. Ty’s bravery and courage has changed me as a person forever. He lost have his face in his last re-constructive surgery and his attitude was they might have taken my eye but they haven’t taken my brain…..what a way to look at it….he is a true inspiration of how life should truly be lived. Beverly Huggins is another wonderful lady that has faced breast cancer courageously and it has not been easy….matter of fact it returned. Her testimonial on how she will fight this and her determination to beat this is of a true champion . I am grateful to be apart of giving someone hope that they can beat the odds through our performance with our horses.

11. What organizations do you support? Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Fund, Children Cook’s Medical Center, Make a Wish Foundation, Individuals diagnosed with cancer with no medical assistance.

12. Your press release says that each performance is for a specific patient. Can you explain this? How do you choose these people? Since Ty’s story has become the purpose of the Cowgirl Chicks….we have focused on reaching out to kids with cancer or individual’s with cancer and their families. Cancer has such an out pour of people that it has affected and people come to us all the time to ask if they can be put on our list of performances to ride in honor or in memory of. We offer free tickets for the families to one of our performances so that these families can be with the horses and girls….also to give a front row seat to a great rodeo performance that they can enjoy and get their mind off of chemo or other stressful things.

13. How much money have you raised for charity? I don’t know they total figure but we usually pass off about $5000.00 or more a year….we’ve been together for 10 years now. All these cowgirls donate their time, labor and horses, for nothing in return….just the glory of riding for a great cause. 14. How many members does the drill team have? I usually have 16-18 cowgirls at all times….on the road I at least have 12 with me when traveling out of town. 15. How many week-ends a year do you perform? Scheduled 85 rodeo performances this year.

16. Do you actually ride as part of the team? Yes! I sing, ride, and choregraph all the maneuvers for the performances.

17. What are some of the more difficult/dangerous stunts/ maneuvers your group does on horseback? Fort Worth, Texas –Combine a group of Texas Cowgirls, daring trick riding on horseback, songs performed by Trish Lynn and fireworks shot off horseback and you have one of the best entertainment teams on the Rodeo Circuit, the All American Cowgirl Chicks. Their trick riding skills consist of the tail drag, hippodrome, causak drag, fender drag, reverse fender, spin the horn, back bend, one foot, running man, under the neck, stroud, under the belly, crouper vaults, cartwheel/vault, and more. Hailing from west of Fort Worth, Texas and deemed as one of the Top Entertainers in the Professional Rodeo Circuit, the All American Cowgirl Chicks are recognized for their exceptional skill in handling and riding horses. Providing an impressive demonstration of horsemanship and personality as well as trick riding stunts that amaze the audience, the Cowgirl Chicks have traveled more than three hundred thousand miles to perform for more than half a million rodeo fans each year, including performances at the Fort Worth Stock Show, the Texas Stampede in Dallas, and the Fort Worth Stockyards Championship Rodeo in Fort Worth. The Cowgirl Chicks have also been featured on many television programs, including CMT’s “Small Town Secrets,” Food Networks “BBQ with Bobby Flay,” Tommy Hilfiger’s “The Cut,” ABC, CBS, and NBC local news affiliates, as well as four featured specials on RFDTV. They’ve also been featured in RFDTV magazine. Being an All American Cowgirl Chick requires a lot of discipline and hard work. The 16 Cowgirl Chicks spend many hours training weekly with no off season. They are outstanding athletes. The Chicks ride for more than just their love of horses, though, they ride “for the cure” of cancer. Each performance is in support of a cancer victim and proceeds are donated to patients in need of financial assistance. This group of cowgirls have more try in them than I have ever seen. My Rodeo Cowgirls keep throwing it out there and who have sacrificed and have run up and down the highway for one reason to give their best ride and performance to someone who needed hope in battling a deadly disease called cancer. We may not have raised enough money to cure cancer….but still have hopes that one day that with all the heart that we give in our performance and the athleticism our horses give…one day we can make a difference and a stand for something good in this world…and we are not finished yet! The Chicks go beyond that by participating in various fundraisers to find a cure for such as the Susan G. Komen race for the Cure. Last year the Cowgirl Chicks made history at the race for the cure event in Fort Worth, being the first in the charity’s 25 year history to start the race off on horseback. Carrying the American flag and closing each opening performance with the National Anthem, the Cowgirl Chicks exemplify true patriotism as they wear their red, white, and blue. They proudly honor each branch of our heroic military with an emotional experience for all who attend as they pay tribute to the brave armed forces who defend our freedoms. The Cowgirl Chicks opening performance includes songs “Rodeo World and This Cowboy’s Mine” written, produced and performed by Trish lynn. Our goal will always be the same: to inspire, entertain and to help those in need.

18. Explain “Never Quit” Wherever they ride the Cowgirl Chicks embody discipline, respect, self-confidence, athleticism, and showmanship. Their mission is something to be recognized as well as admired, for they are not just flashy cowgirls, they are an incredible group of young ladies with a genuine heartbeat for those in need. Never Quit means just what is says….never give up on your dreams no matter what the odds are or who is discouraging you. The Chicks are taught to work hard and live it. There are no short cuts in life and cheaters never win. Attitude is everything. The Cowgirl Chicks believe their attitude comes from a connection between their mind and their heart. If you think you can…most likely you will. Everyone who becomes a champion must persevere life and it is not easy….but it feels so good after you have persevered instead of giving up. You feel stronger because you didn’t quit. You have no regrets, you live everyday with no “would haves”, could haves, and should haves. A Cowgirl Chick is a person who works hard, and accomplishes whatever she wants, and then walks away from the arena and life knowing she tried her hardest, did her best, and is going to walk away with knowledge she didn’t have before. Talent is just one part of the formula…but not the most important. Desire, determination, discipline, faith, and love of the sport are the main ingredients….its amazing on how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit. I’m going to do whatever it takes to make it in this business…..I’m not going anywhere….I’m in it for the long haul.



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