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Notes from Our Fans

Dear Ladies,
I have just finished watching the show of your performance on TV. I was very impressed and would like to know if you have ever heard of our rodeo. I think your act would be a very nice one to add to our rodeo.
Tom Dixon
Hello Cowgirls,
My name is Lori Gose and I am from Little Rock, AR. I am a horse breeder and enthusiast and saw you on Horse Sense on TV tonight. I was impressed by your love for horses and your way of life. I especially appreciated the fact that you do so much for cancer patients as several members of my family and some close friends have been affected by this horrible disease. I also volunteer, work, and school horses for a therapeutic riding program here. I was grateful for your mention of the soldiers in Iraq as my husband is one. He used to live in Weatherford and it is his favorite place on earth. I admire all of the girls for being strong female role models for young girls that they obviously are. This kind of thing is something we need more of. I have never done anything like this before but your program just touched me somehow. Please keep up the very important work and thank you.
Yours Sincerely,
Lori Gose
Dear Cowgirl Chicks,
Over the last ten days I've seen bits and pieces of your presentation via Horse Sense RFD-TV. Today I finally got to see the entire clip. I tip my hat to all of the group. It is really wonderful to see such young people display the amount of horse sense it takes to train and perform at the level you do, not to mention the physical and mental commitment it takes. It was inspiring as well as impressive or maybe that should be especially to a 62 year old trainer. Keep it up, this world needs more of your caliber. If it can't be Okies that does your jobs then I would certainly prefer it be Texans.
Best of Luck always,
Dwayne E. Cline
Cowgirl Chicks,  
I saw your show on RFDTV the other night and thought it was great. I always wanted to find people and a place that would ride their pants off, care for their horses, and just revolve around horses.
I had a Aunt that passed away this passed May from cancer. She started out with breast cancer then it turned into a brain tumor. It hurt to see her die from such a disease. It's great that you guys are riding for such a great cause. I would love to do the same. I just wanted to say thanks for all you guys have been doing, filling the hearts of so many. Keep up the great work.
From one Cowgirl to another,  
Leigh Smith
Dear Cowgirl Chicks,  
My name is Kathy Buck and I am with a volunteer fire department in Eastern North Carolina. We saw a article about you in a magazine and special about you all on RFD TV. The people around here love the rodeo and love the pageantry even more. Your show looks amazing on the video.
Kathy Buck
Hi Trish,  
I saw your interview on RFD TV recently and was very inspired by it. I ride as one of the captains on a drill team here in Maryland where I live. Most of the people on the team have been with it for a while, but much are older and just want to do it for fun. My daughter, myself, and two others on the the team want changes and precision riding. I recorded your interview to share with the team. We are also done in red, white, and blue. I just wondering if you make your own outfits or do you buy them from a catalogue? I wish your interview showed more of your performing. We will never get to your level as our area doesn't have any rodeos or enough events to host a drill team demonstration. You are very fortunate to be where you are. Thanks for sharing any information your willing to give, and have a great year riding!
Kim McDaniel
Cowgirl Chicks,
  I had the privledge of watching the Cowgirl Chicks ride at the Chisolm Challenge, and was thrilled. After reading about their cause on your website I was very impressed by these girls.
Thank you for your time!
Keep Riding!

Dear Cowgirl Chicks,
What you are doing is absolutely marvelous. Keep up the good work. You are a great group of girls and Parker County is lucky to have you.
May God Bless and Keep You Safe!
Mary Preissinger
Hello Cowgirl Chicks,
I saw you on RFD TV and was immediatly overwhelmed at what you do. I love how your ride and what you ride for. You all have given me much inspiration to do what I really want to do.....ride horses. I have rode all my life, but haven't really competed except for playdays and fun shows. Keep up the great work!
Many thanks!
Dear Cowgirl Chicks,
I saw one of your performances on RFDTV the other night, and was VERY impressed. I have a daughter who is in love with horses, as I have been all my life. Keep up the good work, as you guys are GREAT, and of course, all the great things you do for people with cancer and other things you do is wonderful too.

Hi Chicks!
My name is Deeanah and I am 13 years old. I love your shows and also your trick riding you Cowgirl Chicks do! I have a horse that used to run in the arena...I have to go now but will say hi again sometime soon! Have a Cowgirl Day!
Deeanah Hill
Hi Cowgirl Chicks,
I want to be a chick, but I am 9. I love to ride and  have a bay gelding named Little Acorn. Email me back please....let me in Trish! My mom had breast cancer and both Grandpa's also had cancer. One Grandpa died from lung cancer and the other is living and my mom is a survivor! If I could help put a smile on a sick persons face I would always try!
I saw one of yall's programs on RFDTV today and thought it was awesome! I would love to be able to do that one of these days.
Dear Trish and the Cowgirl Chicks,
Words cannot express how grateful I am to all of you, your genorousity and kindness brought an extra sparkle to my little one this past Christmas. She still talks about the day of the parade and about the girls and wears her cowgirl chick necklace that you all gave her. Thank you so much and may God Bless you all.
Thank you,
Mary Reyes-mother of Gabi Reyes
Cowgirl Chicks,
You guys are just amazing! You bring chill bumps to me just watching you guys. God Bless You All!
Jomy Campbell
Hi Trish and Chicks!
RFDTV has done a great job covering you gals. I think Oprah should cover your story. You gals deserve the coverage!
Good Luck and Happy Trails!
Alice Faul
Dear Cowgirl Chicks,
I thought this would be a pretty cool thing to do some day i mean be like you guys, daring, risky, but having fun and spending quality time with friends and your horses while doing it. I'm just a ordinary girl from a small town up in Kansas and recently saw you guys on RFDTV!!!! You guys are awesome! I wish I was that fit and experienced in horsemanship. You guys are my ROLE MODEL's and some day I want to learn how to do all that stuff without killing myself.You might not ever think of this e-mail if your reading it, but I just want you to know you and your entire team of Cowgirl Chicks are role models for many people just like me. you guys always look like your having fun living the COWGIRL DREAM!!!!!Good Luck, and I'll be watching for updates and places your performing so I can finally meet the perfect Cowgirls!!!!!!!!!Remember always have fun!
A Cowgirl Dreamer,
My name is Amy and I'm 14 years old and I'm a born cowgirl! When I saw your special on CMT the other day I was like WOW! that is so cool and i would love to see you girls perform someday! You do such amazing are my idols and if I'm ever in Texas I will sure look you up! You blew my breath away and when I get older I want to be a Cowgirl Chick. Your the best and thanks for the inspiration!
Amy Beye
Hello Ms. Lynn and Cowgirl Chicks!
I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think you all are. I was watching a program tonight on CMT and they featured your group. I'm impressed to say the least. It is wonderful to see young women with the heart of a tiger. I'm a veteran of the military and I must say, your hard work and drive got my attention.....something I've seen in my career. Keep up the good work and we hope to see you at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo some day. God Bless you all for your creative performances and charitable heart!
Susan Herndon






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